A spousal agreement can make your union even stronger

Building a future together as a couple is filled with excitement and lots of planning. You and your partner will have many meaningful and sometimes difficult conversations and decisions to make about what’s important to both of you and what your goals are.

Talking about money is often difficult. At Tran Law Corporation, we will guide you through these sensitive discussions and help you find respectful solutions.

Cohabitation + Prenuptial + Spousal agreements

young couple discussing spousal agreements

Couples enter into cohabitation, prenuptial, or spousal agreements to remove themselves from what the law provides in the event of separation or divorce. These legal contracts offer certainty should an unexpected split occur.

Cohabitation agreements are for couples who live together and have no plans to marry soon or at all (common-law partners). Prenuptial agreements are for partners who plan to marry in the foreseeable future, and spousal agreements are for those already married.

Agreements FAQ

We will discuss your goals and the different process options available for drafting your agreement.

Yes, you and your partner should have separate lawyers to ensure that each of you receives independent advice. That doesn’t mean that you and your partner are in opposition. The right lawyers and process can address the needs of both of you.

The cost of a spousal agreement will depend on your goals and the number of concerns we need to address. Generally, you should budget approximately $1,500 for a simple single asset agreement. For a global review including all of the issues related to your union, plan for costs ranging from $3,000 to $5,000.

*Estimate only and does not include taxes or disbursements.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, you can let me know via our contact options.